“Who did you vote for?”: Trump's welcome-home question for the US pastor released by Turkey

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Could 'supernatural wisdom' prevail in Turkey-US ties?

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Return of US pastor eases tension with ally Turkey

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Pastor's return to US puts ties back on track

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Trump considered breaking off all relations with Turkey over detained pastor

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Pastor Freed by Turkey Kisses American Flag, Prays for Trump

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Jerry Falwell Jr.: President Trump frees Pastor Brunson from Turkey, proves liberal media wrong

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Turkey-US relations after the Brunson affair

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Trump Promotes Pastor's Release on the Campaign Trail

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Trump Welcomes Home Pastor Andrew Brunson, but Denies Link to Saudi Case

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US pastor freed from Turkey prays with Trump at White House

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Release of US pastor likely to ease tensions with Turkey — and give Trump a win before midterm elections

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Turkish court releases US pastor Brunson after eventful hearing

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