Rocket sirens triggered again near Gaza

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Hamass military wing brigade commander killed and 7 wounded during an Israeli Air Force (IAF) airstrike in southern Gaza on Sunday, according to Palestinian sources; IDF confirms fire exchanges developed during a military activity in the strip.

Top Hamas terrorist killed after fierce clashes with IDF in Gaza

Late last week, Israel approved the transfer of $15 million to Hamas in the hopes of a deal to quell violence.

Six killed, including Hamas military commander, in Israeli raid in Gaza

Heavy exchange of fire began after IDF forces reportedly began operating inside Gaza ■ Wave of rocket alarm sirens sound in border communities, Iron Dome intercepts two projectiles ■ IDF states no soldiers abducted during incident

IDF says forces engaged in 'exchange of fire' in Gaza operation, 6 Hamas terrorists killed in airstrikes.

Classes canceled in southern Israel as rockets fired from Gaza

The IDF confirmed that three projectiles were fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip, with two intercepted by the Iron Dome system.

6 killed, 6 wounded by Israeli fire: Palestinian health officials

Palestinian health officials in the Gaza Strip say six militants have been killed and six have been wounded by Israeli fire in a sudden, late-night burst of fighting.

Netanyahu defends Qatari cash infusion to Gaza Netanyahu defends Qatari cash infusion to Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has defended allowing Qatar to transfer millions of dollars to Hamas-run Gaza despite criticism from within his own government over the move aimed at restoring calm after months of unrest.

‘Will he lose his leg?’: Thousands of Gaza protesters facing life-altering injuries from Israeli high velocity bullets

“An 11-year-old child with his leg hanging on by a strip of skin was in one operating theatre where we were attempting a vascular repair, with an eight-year-old shot in the groin in a holding bay, when seven more arrived, also critically injured by sniper fire.”

Netanyahu: No diplomatic solution for Gaza, just like with ISIS

Netanyahu and Putin speak in person in Paris for first time since downing of plane in Syria