Netanyahu cuts Paris meeting short over Gaza flareup

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Rocket alert sirens sounded twice in Israel's southern area near the border Tuesday night

What brought Gaza to a knife edge?

What comes out of all of the debates over the last months is that many people want to talk tough, but no one wants a real conflict. Hamas knows that and also doesn’t want a conflict.

IDF says forces engaged in 'exchange of fire' in Gaza operation, 6 Hamas terrorists killed in airstrikes.

Israel, Hamas had appeared to be making progress toward an unofficial ceasefire.

Fresh fighting erupts amid steps to tone down Gaza violence | Charlotte Observer Fresh fighting erupts amid steps to tone down Gaza violence

A fresh wave of fighting has erupted between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip, leaving at least six militants dead just as Israel and Hamas had been making progress toward ratcheting down months of border violence.

Six killed, including Hamas military commander, in Israeli raid in Gaza

Elite Israeli forces entered city of Khan Yunis in southern Gaza to kill senior Hamas commander, reports say ■ Sirens sound in Israeli border communities ■ Israelis living nearby requested to remain in safe areas

For the Gulf States and the Saudis, a common threat means that  Israel is becoming part of the solution instead of playing its old role as the core of the problem.

Construction Minister slams ministers who snipe at each other over Gaza security situation.

Israel and Hamas cheer Qatar’s Gaza cash infusion, but Abbas could spoil party

While Gazans ascribe influx of money to weekly protests, and Israel buys some time, the PA could yet cut its own funding for the coastal enclave, plunging it into war