Netanyahu, in Paris to mark end of WWI, called the war a ‘turning point’ for Zionism

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Part 1 Israeli Prime Minister defends his decision to allow Qatar to pay the salaries of thousands of civil servants in Gaza and calling it the right step in order to prevent the humanitarian collapse of the Palestinian enclave. Palestinian Authority slams Hamas for this Qatari-funded deal with Israel. Right-wing Israeli activists and southern Israeli residents are protesting the assistance brought by the Israeli government to the impoverished strip as a response to the continued violence on the border, i24NEWS panelists discuss about that. Part 2 The conversation continues with the commemoration of the end of the WWI in Paris by the world leaders where French President Macron is urging the world leaders to fight for peace, but also, his critic about nationalism which is a betrayal of patriotism. Meantime, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Russian President Putin have met for the first time in Paris since the downing of a Russian spy plane by Syria. Also, Netanyahu has addressed the submarine affair at a press conference in Paris and said to have nothing to do with it. Part 3 The discussion continues with the warning of electoral fraud by Florida's Republican Governor Rick Scott and the GOP as the State orders a machine recount of votes after Tuesday's midterm elections. Also, How these midterm election results have effects on Israel and Floridians Jews who are living in the country? Part 4 President Trump's latest executive order on immigration bans people who enter the U.S. illegally from claiming asylum, but the American Civil Liberties Union is looking to block the new restrictions, arguing in a lawsuit filed Friday that the policy violates the Federal Immigration Law. Meanwhile, California sees horrendous events with the deadly wildfires that ablaze the country, but also, the mass shooting on Wednesday which raise the debate on gun control.

At WWI centenary, Netanyahu says Israel is ‘shielding’ Europe from terrorism

PM says European nations ought to change their 'the one-sided and hostile approach' to Jewish state

Analysis: One of the most important issues raised in the submarine affair is the method in which decisions of far-reaching security consequences were made; examination of the case raises many questions that dont seem to be of concern to many.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin at World War One commemorations on Sunday, their first meeting since the downing of a Russian plane during an Israeli air raid in Syria in September.

Netanyahu, Putin talk in Paris for first time since downed plane

Initially there was a scheduled meeting between the two men to formally meet in Paris, but then it was canceled.

Netanyahu: No diplomatic solution for Gaza, just like with ISIS

Netanyahu and Putin speak in person in Paris for first time since downing of plane in Syria

'One way or another, illegal Arab town near J'lem will be evacuated,' Netanyahu says in Paris on 100th anniversary of World War I Armistice.

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Israeli Police Recommend Far-Reaching Indictments in German Submarine Case Israeli Police Recommend Far-Reaching Indictments in German Submarine Case

The case is an investigation into whether high ranking officials, some related to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, engaged in bribery and fraud to promote a deal to acquire submarines and warships from German conglomerate ThyssenKrupp

Netanyahu joins world leaders marking 100th anniversary of WWI in Paris

Starting on Sunday, France is holding a Peace Forum, a massive three-day international event that ends Tuesday and includes world leaders and civic society.