Netanyahu says unaware of corruption linked to submarine deal – The Siasat Daily

Netanyahu: I'm ready to leave my position but there's no one to replace me

"I am ready to leave my position tomorrow as prime minister, but I have no one to leave the keys with," Netanyahu reportedly said.

Police defend handling of submarines probe after criticism by ex-defense chief

Ruling party accuses heads of Labor and Yesh Atid of spreading 'false accusations' after they say police corruption case against PM's confidants show he is unfit to govern

Prime Minister Netanyahu reportedly tells senior justice official he'd be prepared to resign as PM - if only a replacement could be found.

Netanyahu denies rift between Israel and U.S. Democratic Party: Support for Israel is critically important

On Trump's reaction to anti-Semitism, Netanyahu says the U.S. president's statement that 'whoever comes to destroy the Jews, we will destroy him' is one he 'hadn’t heard from leaders before'

Analysis: Netanyahu forges coalition with 'friendly' European nations

Left’s attempt to implicate Netanyahu in ‘Case 3000′ fails

The sculpture referenced the ongoing corruption case over a submarine deal involving Netanyahu associates

The partys field activists claim the act was in protest over Netanyahus involvement in Case 3000, investigation into acquisition of submarines from Germany; "The country is sinking along with Bibi," read one of the banners attached to the installation.