Opinion | Local Officials Should Greet the President

I was stunned when I saw that no elected representative from the city of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County or the state of Pennsylvania was there to meet the president.

The conspiracy theory still damning the Jews - 100 years on

A myth linking Armistice and Kristallnacht - one that began with falsifying the war record of the 100,000 German Jews who fought for the Fatherland during World War I – still exists today

In an interview at the launch of the Hebrew translation of her book "Jews and Power," Dr. Ruth Wisse tells Israel to take US Jews into account, but to put Israel's needs first.

London event for Jewish victims disrupted by Arab shouts to kill Jews

The cry relates to an event in the seventh century when Muslims massacred and expelled Jews from the town of Khaybar.

Rocking cradles of hate

Journalist’s memoir traces jump from doomsday church to NY Orthodox Jewish mom

An Israel study abroad program led Angela Himsel to leave her fringe fundamentalist Christian faith, embrace Judaism, and undergo Orthodox conversion