Mahmoud Abbas used Sunday’s annual homage to arch-terrorist and Fatah founder Yasser Arafat to rail against “conspiracies” by Hamas, Israel and the United

Conspiracies plotted against Palestinian cause: Abbas

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday said conspiracies are being plotted against the Palestinian cause.

Abbas planning 'decisive decisions' in relations with Hamas and Israel

“We won’t be afraid, and no one should blame us,” the PA president said in reference to the anticipated decisions.

Gabbay calls on Netanyahu to resign for saying no diplomatic solution to Gaza

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Abbas paid tribute to 'the leader of the nation and of the martyrs', laying a wreath at Arafat's tomb

Abbas: We Will Thwart Trump's Peace Plan, Continue Pay-for-Slay | Breitbart

TEL AVIV - Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas reiterated his vow Saturday to thwart President Donald Trump's upcoming peace proposal and pledged to continue paying convicted terrorists and their families.

Abbas calls Balfour Declaration a "conspiracy," insists Trump won't keep Palestinians from claiming Jerusalem

PA chairman blasts US peace initiative, says Palestinian people are facing a "provocation" that has been ongoing since Balfour Declaration.

Desperate for Tech Talent, Israel Turns to an Untapped Labor Pool: Palestinians

An intense labor shortage is pushing Israeli tech firms to hire Palestinians in the West Bank, establishing new economic links between the two sides despite persistent political tension and the continuing absence of a peace agreement.